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Booming Industry

The drone industry has taken off in recent years and it is expected to have a great future. Commercial operators are improving their drone technology and the Federal Aviation Administration is continually improving the rules for commercial drone operation.

Drones are unmanned flight machines with various applications for different industries. There is almost limitless potential for these unmanned flying robots. One of their most common applications is taking high quality aerial videos. Other applications are in monitoring and repairing infrastructure, firefighting, construction industry, agriculture, Internet and communications services, search and response, wildlife preservation, and logistics and delivery. The filmmaking capabilities of drones are improving.

Specialized in professional drone aerial footage, Airstoc is the world’s first dedicated marketplace for this innovative and new industry. The marketplace has the role to connect operators around the world with their potential clients.

The website is built on a simple platform that enable customers to easily book drone aerial footage services for any location across the globe, for any application in any industry. Customers can use the Airstoc platform for the full process of booking drone aerial footage services, from the initial quote to confirmation. Using the Airstoc marketplace allows customers to book drone services with confidence and enjoy multiple benefits, eliminating the stress, time, and cost usually spent in the process.

The drone operators active on the Airstoc marketplace platform are equipped to carry out a wide range of services and particular jobs. Customers can find on the Airstoc website operators that are currently spread across 66 countries in the world. Whether a client requires just a number of high resolution photographs, cinematic filming, aerial mapping, or a full video production, they will certainly find on Airstoc the right operator for their needs, ready to go and carry up the job.

In addition to this, the Airstoc marketplace also showcases and sells exclusive royalty pre-made royalty free aerial stock footage that comes with completely new angles and perspectives. The platform displays in one place a large volume of current stock footage, allowing customers to search for the perfect clip suitable for their particular project.

Aerial drone footage can definitely add value to any project and the Airstoc marketplace is one of the first in the world that offers Ultra High Definition aerial stock footage at 4K, 5K and 6K.

Sky is not the limit

Airstoc provides all the important elements that meet all customer requests. This makes the marketplace platform a central hub for all drone related activity. Since drone technology has become one of the fastest growing niche industries in the world, the demand for quality footage provided by this innovative technology is increasing rapidly. For this reason, Airstoc platform is constantly enhancing its capabilities by incorporating new developments in the drone industry and adapting in order to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The founders of the Airstoc marketplace follow their declared business mission to showcase this new drone technology and provide professional drone operators with a perfect platform to meet new clients and gain the recognition they deserve. The high quality of the drone video footage provided and the affordable prices are among the main reasons why the Airstoc drone marketplace is becoming so popular among the customers.

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