Dollar Photo Club Says Goodbye, 99club Says Welcome

If you haven’t heard the latest news in the royalty-free stock agency world, then we are sad to inform you that the popular Dollar Photo Club (DPC) is closing down its operations April 15, 2016. DPC was well-known for their membership deal that gave you 100 pieces of royalty-free stock photos, vectors, and fonts for just $99.

Although it’s a sad to see a good company closes its door to their wildly popular $99 deal. As a response to their closing, our sister site created the 99club to offer up the same price for 200 XXL high-quality stock photos, vectors, and premium fonts. The membership deal is great for graphic designers, small business owners, bloggers, and people looking for content that is royalty-free for their business.

The 99club is a limited time offer, so make sure to read more about what you get and what to expect.

Learn more about 99club here.

99club: The Dollar Photo Club Alternative

The official details of the Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 club is for $99 you get 200 XXL high-quality stock photos, vectors, and premium fonts from a content bank that has over 4,000,000 royalty-free multimedia content (video footage is not including in this deal). Stock Photo Secrets is constantly adding royalty-free content, around 60,000-80,00 new pieces of content per month.

With 99club membership you ge high-quality and premium royalty-free content that can be downloaded and used forever. For those of you with a Dollar Photo Club expired membership, this membership gives you more for your money, exactly 100 images more, and if you sign up before April 16, 2015, we will give you 10 more downloads free (210 total!).

A subscription to the 99Club has no additional fees and will not auto-renew after one year. You can also download as much content as you want per month, and if you download more than your 200 vectors, each additional image will cost $0.99 per download, but you can buy even more image packs like 50 more image downloads for $49, or 100 more image downloads for $69, making it even cheaper than $0.99.

Here’s what’s included with 99club:

  • You get 200 XXL Image Downloads (300dpi or up to 6′ x 6′ with 72dpi)
  • You can choose from our 4.000.000 High Res Photos, 600,000 Vectors & Fonts (no Videos)
  • All images are licensed royalty-free and can be used FOREVER
  • Only $99 per Year with NO additional or Hidden fees (a one time fee with no auto-renew)
  • An Extra 10 free XXL images for signing up (210 images) if you sign up before April 16, 2015 busing the rebate code “helpme10”.

Your 99Club Questions Answered

We decided to create the 99club in order to be able to provide content buyer’s like you, who need royalty-free content, a Dollar Photo Club alternative that gave you a better deal. Instead of 100 downloads, we give 200 royalty-free pieces of content, plus 10 free images if you sign up before April 16, 2015.

Many people have asked if this is a one-time offer. No, you can certainly renew 99club after one year at the same exact price. Other questions range from whether or not some pieces of content are included in the 99club, but I assure you that there are no restrictions of the 4,000,000 pieces of royalty-free content, and you arable to download anything in our collection with the 99club.

All images from the Stock Photo Secrets website have the proper model and property releases already taken care of, and may be used commercially for your clients who require more than editorial use, i.e., marketing and advertising. The images are completely royalty-free, so once you download you can use that image forever, even after your membership expires.

6 Important Questions You Want Answered About 99club

1. Will you close like Dollar Photo Club?
No, we have been around for years and we plan on staying a lot longer.

2. Can I renew my 99club membership after one year at the same low price?
Yes. You can renew your 99club after one year at the same price.

3. Is there a limit to what images I can download?
No, you can download any image, vector or illustration from our over 4.000.000 images, vector images, and premium fonts with 60,000-80,000 more content added every month.

4. Can I still use the images after my membership expires?
Absolutely, you can use your downloaded images forever!

5. Do you have more image pack deals after you’ve used up all 200?
Yes, and you can buy as many as you like. You can get 50 more image downloads for $49, or 100 more image downloads for $69.

A few more questions answered…

1. What do you mean when you say XXL?
XXL means you can print confidently at A3 size with 300dpi or 6′ x 6′ with 72dpi.

2. Will I be able to renew my 99club membership at the end of the year? Yes, once you join you’ll be able to keep your membership for as long as you like.

3. Are all images licensed for commercial use?
Yes, all images are fully royalty-free with the relevant model and property releases (where needed) already taken care of.

4. What does limited availability mean?
We can only give membership to a limited number of customers… Sorry.

Buy 99club Now and Get 10 Free Royalt-free Downloads

For just a couple of more weeks we are offering to add 10 free XXL royalty-free downloads on Stock Photo Secrets when you sign up for 99club. The last day to take advantage of getting 210 total downloads is April 16, 2016, which is exactly a day after DPC closes.

Stock Photo Secrets will manually add another 10 XXL stock photo images to your account after you sign-up for the 99club for free without you having to do anything (just add the rebate code helpme10).

This offer is only available for a limited time and to a limited amount of customers, so to avoid any issues, sign up now for a better Dollar Photo Club alternative before it’s too late. It’s also important to note that the 99Club membership only offers premium stock images, vectors, and premium fonts, and not videos.

So Long Old Friend

Dollar Photo Club (and sister site Fotolia) were purchased back in January by Adobe Stock. Existing members of the Dollar Photo Club can voluntarily move their existing image credits to Adobe Stock where they will be honored for a year.

We are sad to see Dollar Photo Club shut its doors, and we hope their member’s transition to Adobe Stock will be seamless and easy. Even though we will miss them, we are glad we can help fill the void left by DPC, and we’re happy to offer you 210 royalty-free downloads if you sign up for our limited time offer.

Click here to buy a 99club membership.

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